Do Poodles Get Along With Cats? Find Out Here!

If you have a Poodle and are considering bringing in a cat, you may be wondering if your pup will get along with your feline. Well, that’s because most dogs tend to be cat haters. But does the same apply when it comes to the sweet Poodle breed?

Do Poodles Get Along With Cats?

Poodles are a surprisingly good choice for homes with cats. They can be trained to get along well with other animals, and they tend not to prey on or attack small creatures like their more aggressive cousins the German Shepherds do.

Poodle’s Temperament

To understand better why Poodles can make great friends with cats, it’s important we take a look at their personality. Of course, the personality differs from dog to dog, but they carry some similar attributes in their genetic composition.

  • Poodles are intelligent: These pups are are incredibly intelligent. This means that they can be easily trained—including on how to behave towards cats. While they may not be able to completely avoid chasing a cat, you can train them to not go too far and give your cat the space it needs and deserves.
  • They are easygoing: Apart from their intelligence, Poodles have a very relaxed temperament that is endearing to many people—including your cat! A Poodle’s temperament is one that can adapt to different situations, including sharing the home with a cat.
  • They are gentle: Unlike some other breeds, Poodles do not tend to be aggressive or dominant towards cats. In fact, if a well-trained Poodle senses your feline friend is uncomfortable with their presence, they will learn to give it space and avoid being around it.
  • They are loyal: When it comes to other animals, many Poodle owners say that their dogs are very loyal and they tend to guard them. The same loyalty replicates when it comes to a cat, acting as the feline’s guardian and protector.
  • They are playful: Poodles are also known for their playful temperaments. In fact, many people who own Poodles also have another dog at home because they say that the Poodle can be very mischievous and may instigate play with other animals—including cats, which is a good thing!
  • Poodles are social: These pups enjoy the company of people and other animals; that includes cats. This gives rise to the possibility that your Poodle may try to socialize with your cat, something most cats tend to enjoy.
  • These pups are eager to please: Poodles are incredibly eager to please. That means that if you train them not to chase your cat, they will not do it—at least most of the time!
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Now that we know a little more about why Poodles can get along so well with cats, let’s take a look at how you can socialize these two to get along.

Cat Temperament

Cat Temperament

Socializing is a two-way process that requires both the cat and dog to be cooperative. When you’re looking to introduce two pets, it’s important you understand their temperaments as this will determine how successful your attempts are going to be.

  • Cats tend not to like new animals: Cats have been known for being solitary creatures. This means they prefer a certain level of isolation and will not be comfortable with a new animal invading their space.
  • Cats are territorial: Felines also tend to be very territorial. If another creature enters its territory or gets too close, the cat will feel threatened and may lash out. Attacks are a result of self-defense and fear.
  • Cats need a certain level of companionship: The biggest reason cats may not get along with dogs, including Poodles, is because they can sense the dog’s intentions. Most dogs are hunters, after all!
  • Cats have a reputation for being rather aloof and standoffish. This is something you need to be aware of when introducing your cat to Poodle.
  • Certain cats are naturally more independent: Some cats tend to be more independent, which means they may not take too kindly to the presence of a newcomer—especially one that is as active as a Poodle.

As seen, Poodles are more willing to adapt to a new environment than cats. They are more willing to accept new friends and adapt to the territorial nature of felines. The same cannot be said about cats, which is why most people prefer to bring new cats to old resident Poodles rather than the other way around.

However, with the right knowledge and some time, it’s entirely possible to socialize your pet Poodle with your cat, no matter who came first!

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Socializing Your Poodle With Your Cat

Training your Poodle and cat to get along is a good place to start if you want them to be friends. With the following steps, you can help them get to know each other a little better—which means they will learn to play and coexist together.

Step #1: Familiarity Breeds Contentment:

The first thing you need to do is expose your cat and dog to each other in a very controlled setting. This will help them get comfortable with each other’s scent and presence, allowing them to feel less threatened when they are actually together.

Step #2: Positive Reinforcement Training:

Next, it’s time for some training. Make sure you set up training sessions where they are with each other. If one pet acts out of line, keep them separated until the next session. This will instill discipline and make it clear who is in charge!

Step #3: Provide Plenty of Space:

Also, make sure you have plenty of space for them to roam in. If they’re not comfortable with their surroundings or each other’s presence, they are bound to act out—and that can be dangerous if one attacks the other!

Step #4: Make It A Positive Experience:

Keep everything a positive experience so they associate it with good feelings. If your cat and Poodle have a fight, separate them and give each some space to calm down—then try again later.

Step #5: Take It Slow:

Make sure you take it slow. This will help both of them get used to the idea that there is another animal around. Because cats are more territorial than dogs, it’s best to introduce them first.

Step #6: Be Patient:

Lastly, you need to be patient and not put too much pressure on either of them. As long as they fight or seem uncomfortable with each other, take the time to give them some space and try again later. It will eventually work out if you are patient enough!

Do’s and Dont’s During Socialization

When socializing your two furry friends, there are some things you must do and others you should avoid. This will ensure that they learn to get along with each other in the most positive way possible!

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  • Provide plenty of separate space for them to roam around and explore.
  • Take things slowly.
  • Provide plenty of escape routes if the cat starts to feel threatened.
  • Show your pets that you’re in charge by disciplining them whenever they fight.


  • Don’t force them to get closer if they are uncomfortable with each other. This may cause the problem to become worse!
  • Don’t separate them during training sessions. This will simply teach your pets that fighting is a preferable alternative to staying in the same room together!
  • Do not punish them when they fight. Punishing them may make them begin to associate the presence of each other with negative happenings.
  • Don’t let your pets fight with each other.
  • Don’t leave them alone until they get used to being around each other.

How To Tell If Your Poodle And Cat Are Friends?

You just can’t begin to assume that everything is going well with your pets because they are remaining in the same room together for hours at a time. You need to look out for several signs that they are getting along with each other and are friends!

To tell if your cat and Poodle have actually become friends, you need to look out for these signs:

  • There is no growling when one animal is nearby.
  • No hissing when one animal is nearby.
  • No signs of being afraid to be together (think hiding, darting away from the other animal, etc.)
  • They do not run right away when they see each other.
  • When they play, it’s not too rough or timid—it’s fair and equal.
  • They can be in the same room together without any issues arising.

Final Verdict:

Your cat and Poodle will become friends in no time if you follow these steps! Make sure to use patience, fairness, discipline as needed, and plenty of space for them to roam around. It’s a process to be sure, but one that is well worth it in the end!

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