When Do Poodles Stop Growing?

When Do Poodles Stop Growing? (And How To Tell)

One thing that almost all dog owners want to know is at what point do their furbabies stop growing. That’s especially true for smaller dogs, like Poodles, which don’t grow to become large like some of the breeds out there! Wondering when your Poodle’s growth spurt will end?

How long it takes your Poodle to grow will depend on the maximum size the breed can attain. Hence, expect the largest of the three, that is, standard Poodles, to keep going for longer compared to others. However, no matter the breed, Puppyhood shouldn’t exceed two years.

Poodle Types and their Puppyhood Period

There are three Poodle types, all of which are just as famous and lovable. They include;

Toy Poodles

These are the smallest Poodles of the three. They can grow up to 10 inches tall and weigh as light as under 10 pounds. Their lifespan ranges anywhere between 14-18 years.

Since they are the smallest, these Poodles don’t take as much as other types to develop into their adult size. Puppyhood for them typically lasts until around the age of 7 months old. But don’t be surprised if you see your Toy Poodle pup still acting like a playful little puppy even after that!

Miniature Poodles

They are typically larger than the Toy Poodles but smaller than the standard type. These guys can grow up to 15 inches tall and weigh in at 17 pounds or slightly more. They have a lifespan of about 12-15 years.

Just like Toy Poodles, the growth cycle for Miniature variety doesn’t take as long, but it’s still longer than some breeds. The average age at which they complete their development is around 12 months or so, though again, there are exceptions to that rule.

Standard Poodles

The standard variety is the biggest of the three types. They grow up to 24 inches tall and weigh up to a whopping 70 pounds! And like most large breeds, their lifespan is around 10-12 years or so.

Poodles belonging to this size type take a little longer than Miniature Poodles for the growth cycle to be completed, typically longer than 15 months. Some will take as long as 24 months to be fully developed.

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FactorToy PoodleMiniature PoodleStandard Poodle
Height<10 inches10-15 inches22-24 inches
WeightAbout 10 lbs.15-17 lbs. 30-70 lbs.
Lifespan14-18 years12-15 years10-12 years or more
Puppyhood4-7 monthsUp to 1 yearUp to 2 years

Things Affecting Poodles Puppyhood Period

As seen, we don’t have a standard time that all Poodles take to attain maturity. There are factors that can affect their Puppyhood period, which include:

  • Breed size
  • Supplements and diet
  • Size of the parent
  • Health

#1 Breed Size          

The size of the breed influences how long Poodles take to complete their development cycle. As aforementioned, toy Poodles will typically take a shorter time compared to larger varieties. That’s because smaller breeds need less time to get their bodies fully developed.

#2 Supplements and Diet   

Since Poodles of any size are usually fragile, they may require additional supplements or a special diet to ensure maximum growth without problems. If you have a toy Poodle, especially one that is weak and underweight, there’s a high chance it will take longer to achieve maturity.

#3 Health   

Being that they are a rather fragile breed, toy Poodles are more likely to experience health problems during their growth cycle. And those problems can increase the time it takes for them to be fully developed. Not only does this extend the Puppyhood period, but it also decreases the dog’s general expected lifespan.

#4 Size of the Parent   

Poodles will typically attain their full-grown size sooner if one or both parents are at least close to that size already, of course at the time of birth! If they aren’t, it could mean that those Poodles will not reach full maturity until they’re over a year old. This can be rather discouraging!

Things Affecting Poodles Puppyhood Period

How To Maximize Your Poodle’s Lifespan After It Stops Growing

As aforementioned, no Poodle will take more than 2 years to fully develop. And after that, they’re considered adults and will live to be as old as 12-15 years of age (though there are exceptions to this).

Here’s a list of things you can do to ensure your Poodle lives the longest life it can.

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Reputable Breeder

Even before you get your Poodle, find a breeder you can trust. Make sure the breeder is reputable and not a puppy mill!

Look for ways to ensure that the Poodle in question came from good breeding practices. The last thing you want is to have your Poodle who will spend most of their lifetime sick.

Veterinary Care

Schedule regular checkups and vaccinations so your dog can stay on top of its protection against common diseases in their breed.

Also, be sure to schedule dental appointments with your veterinarian. After all, you want them to enjoy their food for as long as they can!

Physical and Mental Exercise

A Poodle should get about an hour of physical exercise per day. This should involve activities such as walking or playing fetch. These dogs are active by nature, so the more time they get to spend interacting with others, the better.

Mental exercise is just as important! Keep toys around or use chew items so they can keep their brains and mouths occupied. This will help them stay sharp for a longer period of time.

Healthy Diet

As with most breeds, a healthy and nutritious diet is essential. Look for ways to ensure that your Poodle gets all the nutrients it needs from its food without having too much fat or other harmful ingredients.

You should also have consistent feedings throughout the day so their stomachs can remain in balance. Provide plenty of fresh water when your dog is eating and drinking. This will help them stay healthy and hydrated!


Although it may not seem to have any connection with protecting your Poodle’s health, grooming is another one of those little things that can help them in the long run.

They need to be brushed and bathed regularly for proper hygiene. Make sure you brush their teeth at least once a week so they don’t accumulate too much tartar or plaque. Keep in mind how comfortable your Poodle feels may affect their stress level and lifespan in that case!

Maintain A Keen Eye On Them

Be sure to keep an eye out for signs of illness or injury, so you can prevent potential problems. It also prevents those small issues from becoming big ones that require more extensive procedures to deal with.

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Of course, all this advice assumes that your Poodle has already reached full maturity. Once that happens, you can really start to enjoy your dog for all its worth!

Signs Your Poodle Is Fully Grown

As aforementioned, Poodles are typically smaller than some dog breeds. And with there being no standard time they take to mature, it can be a little hard to tell when they are fully mature. How can you distinguish a growing poodle from one that’s already grown fully?

No more growth– The best way to tell is when your dog’s body doesn’t change any longer (besides it getting more muscular). Keep in mind that this change is a gradual one, so you may not notice initially when it happens, but if previous features don’t seem to change, then they’re fully grown.  

Ears – Poodle’s ears tend to flop down from the weight of their skull as they mature. Although with some slight exceptions such as Doodles, they are usually fully grown once their ears begin to hang down.

Genitalia– When your Poodle is fully grown, you will notice that the size of their genitalia has reached its full extent (if they’re male). Females may not be as readily noticeable, but you will see a hint of pink/violet on the vulva.

Teeth – The last sign is the teeth. Usually, Poodles have about 28 baby teeth and around 42 adult teeth. Once all their permanent teeth come in, they’ll be fully grown.


How long your Poodle takes to attain maturity will depend on several factors; the type of breed, health, size of parent(s), diet, and others. However, no Poodle will take more than 2 years to fully develop and become an adult. As adults, their lives should be 10-18 years in length.

However, you can to some extent, control how long your Poodle lives by taking care of them. Be sure to schedule regular vet visits, feed them healthy foods, and provide plenty of physical and mental exercise. This will ensure that your Poodle lives the longest life it can!

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