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Can My Rabbit Go Out In The Rain?

Owning a bunny is no different than raising a baby. They also need the same kind of attention and treatment. Rabbits are sensitive cute little pets that need more upkeep in comparison to other pets.

Though rabbits are adaptive to cold weather conditions, they need proper care. Domestic rabbits are not the same as wild ones and are delicate. Hence, you should need to treat them in a different manner.

Can rabbits get wet in rain?

Rabbits can get cold during prolonged exposure to rain. It is safe if your rabbit is healthy and has a safe shelter to get dry after getting wet in the rain. Young rabbits need to refrain from going out in the rain. There are chances of them developing hypothermia which can be fatal at times. Rabbits can be set free during a drizzle but not in heavy rainfall.    

In this blog, we will shed light on various important aspects related to the subject. We will also explore the remedies to help the rabbits getting wet in the rain.

Is a wet rabbit prone to get sick?

As stated earlier, domestic rabbits can get sick if they get exposure to rain for a longer duration. Rabbit with good health and immune system can enjoy rain for a shorter period. You should keep them warm after getting wet in rain by drying immediately.

There are chances of rabbits getting sick if exposed to damp and wet conditions for long. Appended are a few health ailments which may get developed in rabbits from being getting wet.

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1. Hypothermia

This is one of the major threats posed to the rabbit during cold and rainy conditions. Due to the fur, it takes longer for rabbits to get dry after getting wet. Hypothermia can lead to stress and anxiety in them.

2. Pneumonia

It is not evident that rabbits getting wet in rain will have Pneumonia. Probability of Pneumonia increases if they remain wet for a longer period and not dried. Pneumonia causes an acute problem in the respiratory system of a bunny. This can lead to a major inflammation in the lungs leading to fungal infections.

3. Tangling

The exposure of the rabbit’s long and thick fur to rain is not good. It becomes tangled and if not brushed can lead to clusters of tangled fur. In the long run, this can develop a severe infection and may prove fatal at times.  

4. Paralysis

Rabbits tend to get stressed during thunderstorms. While getting wet in the rain there are chances of them getting paralysis also. As already stated rabbits are less comfortable with loud noises. Hence, the sound of a thunderstorm may cause high blood pressure in them leading to heart failure.


What to do if your rabbit gets wet?

If your bunny is out in the rain, you should be careful that no water droplets enter into his ears. The entry of water can cause infection in his ears.

The next thing you should do is dry your furry pal with gentle tissue paper or soft towel. You should not rub his body hard as it may cause rashes and lead to a skin infection.

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Blow dryer on your rabbit to further dry it and help him get some warmth. As you are aware rabbits get frightened by loud noises. Hence, you should be careful while taking the blower closer to them.

Apart from this, you should also regulate the temperature of the drier. Ensure that the temperature is not too high as it can burn sensitive parts of your rabbit.

Many times all the necessary steps required to dry the rabbit will not be effective. Hence, you should rush your pet to a veterinarian if he is in discomfort.

Meanwhile, you can try to give the rabbit enough warmth by covering him with a blanket. This will make your pet feel safe and cozy.

Is it safe to bathe rabbit?

Yes, it is safe to bathe your bunny but with certain precautions. Dry baths are suitable over wet bath as your furry pal hates it.

Rabbits keep themselves clean on their own. You need to clean the areas which you feel are dirty. Making them bathe quite often will be harmful to their skin.

Wrap up

Rabbits hate to get wet but if they do, you should dry them immediately. But you should take proper care while drying them. It is not that rabbits cannot withstand cold but they should not remain out in rain for long. Prolonged wetness can cause skin allergies and infections in them. Sometimes these ailments can prove fatal.

You should ensure that their cages have enough ventilation and are clean. They hate to live in a noisy environment. Hence, ensure that they stay away from children and other crowded areas.

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There is no harm if your bunny wants to be playful in the rain. The only thing which you should ensure to track their temperature. You should not let them dry on their own as it might lead to certain fatal health ailments.

Microwave heat pads are a good option to regulate your rabbit’s body temperature. This will keep them warm and cozy after an outing in rain.

At the same time, you should not be taking the rabbits into a warmer place immediately after he is wet. This sudden variation in temperature is also not good for them. Treat them with the utmost care as they are one of the most sensitive pets.

The fur of the rabbit possesses a hydrophobic property. This helps them repel the water to a great extent during the exposure to rain.

The fur structure of rabbits can keep the body temperature under control during cold. Do you want to enjoy the companionship of this little cute pet for a longer period in your life?

Give them the required care and treatment and see how they spread joy in your life.

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