Do Parrots Get Along With Dogs And Cats?

Dogs and cats are the two most common pets that every pet fanatic loves to own. After these, birds such as parrots are on the top of the list of ideal pets.

Adorable pets like dogs and cats are famous for their companionship. Besides, the chirpiness of a parrot would fill your home with joy.

Birds need more care and attention as compared to other furry pets such as dogs and cats. If you wish to keep a parrot with a cat or dog, then assess the compatibility of these with each other.

For this, it is necessary to know whether parrots get along with dogs and cats or not.

Do parrots get along with dogs and cats?

Dogs and cats are natural predators and have the potential to harm the parrot. Due to this, it is a bit difficult for parrots to get well along with them. Parrots are quite fragile hence they need extra care and attention as compared to dogs and cats.

Yet, you can keep all three of them together under one roof by taking a few safety precautions.

Are parrots safe around any of the dog or cat breeds?

The retrievers, poodles, and spaniels are popular hunting dog breeds. These are least compatible with parrots. Yet if your dog is sociable and gentle, then it would be easier for you to introduce him to your parrot.

Besides, some parrots are quite notorious and can bite or screech the face of your dog. This can irritate even the most obedient dogs. As a result, your furry pal would end up harming the little parrot.

The big parrot breeds such as African gray would be a suitable buddy for your cat. Furthermore, the parrots that are less than 12 inches such as Parakeets are not safe with cats.

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This is because Pasteurella, a bacterium is present in the saliva of cats. It is harmful to the parrot. Even a small scratch on your delicate bird by a cat would need treatment.

If your kitty bites the parrot, then you must take your bird to the veterinary doctor at the earliest.

Can cats and dogs befriend parrots?

Yes, cats and dogs can develop a bond of companionship with parrots. For this, it is advisable to get a parrot when your cat or dog is at its early stage.

The parrots are well set aside for the puppies and the kittens. The more later you bring your parrot, the more difficult it would become for your cat and dog to accept him.

Can a parrot stay in the same room with a cat or dog?

No, you should never let your parrot live in the same room with your dog or cat. These furry pals are quite possessive and dominant about their territory.

Be it a dog or cat, both of them are intolerant of the presence of any other pet in their surroundings. Due to this, you must provide a different room or place for your parrot.

Should one keep the parrot in a cage all the time?

Should one keep the parrot in a cage all the time?

When there are dogs and cats in the house, you need to be extra cautious. Yet this does not mean that you should keep your parrot in a cage all the time. You must let your birdie roam in the house under your supervision.

No matter how docile the dogs and cats are, there are always chances of them getting hostile. Due to this, you must never leave your parrot with your dog or cat in your absence. Also, make sure to take all the precautions before letting in your birdie in the territory of your dog or cat.

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At the early stages of your birdie, it would be better to keep him in a cage. It is good to do it for at least one month before letting him out. During this period, your parrot and furry pals will see each other. This would make your cat and dog realize that the parrot is of no threat to them.

4 Tips to make parrots get along with dogs and cats

It is a little bit difficult for a parrot to get along with dogs and cats but not impossible. All you need to put in is honest efforts, time, dedication, and patience. You can keep your parrot with a dog, cat, or both by following the below-mentioned tips.

1. Do it the other way round

Most people feel that they should first bring a dog or cat in the home and then later on a bird. But some prefer to bring the parrot first rather than a dog or cat.

It makes things pretty much simple for the owner. Besides, it is easier for a bird to accept a dog or a cat as a new family member instead of vice versa.

2. Keep the introductions brief at first

At the initial stage, allow your parrot to be near the dog or cat for a short duration. You might have to introduce the parrot to the fellow pets a couple of times. For this, you can take your parrot where your dog and cat are.

Your aim should be to make your dog and cat comfortable and familiar with the presence of a parrot. If your furry pals become aggressive upon seeing the parrot, you must take the bird away.

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3. Reward your furry pal

Dogs are more curious when they see an entry of a guest or a new member into the family. So your dog would be eager to sniff your parrot upon his arrival.

If your dog behaves well and is docile around your parrot, then given him a gentle pat. You can even reward your furry pal with his favorite treat.

The same you should do with the cats as well. They are dominant but not as much as dogs. You must appreciate if your kitty is calm and behaving well with the parrot. It would encourage your cat to befriend the parrot and nice around him.

4. Get a sturdy and high-quality cage

For ensuring the greatest safety of your parrot, you must keep him in a cage when you are not around. Make sure to go for the high-quality cages that are durable and reliable.

There are chances of your dog or cat checking upon your parrot in your absence. They can even attack or harm the parrot while being playful around him. You can protect your parrot by keeping him in a strong cage.

Wrap Up

There are fewer chances of your parrot getting along with your dog or cat on his own. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to teach your furry pal to be gentle with the parrot.

For inculcating this, you can even opt for obedience training. Also, give equal attention, love, and care to all your pets. This would prevent them from developing jealousy for each other.

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