How Do Rabbits See The World

How Do Rabbits See The World? [Rabbit’s Vision!]

Rabbits are one of the most adorable pets that one can ever have in their life. These lovable bunny pals are camaraderie pets that bring endless joy to your life. Besides, rabbits fit into the category of ideal family pets. These little buddies carry sheer innocence and love in their eyes.

Are you a responsible pet parent? If yes, then you might be anxious to know how your rabbit views the world. Why is it difficult for your fluffy teddy to find the food kept in front of his face? Are bunnies able to see colors? Are they able to see in the dark? Do they have good eyesight? Why are their eyes located on the sides of their heads?

These are the few questions that pop up in one’s mind. This complete guide will help you out in finding all the answers to your questions.

How do rabbits see the world?

Rabbits can see all around them at one go with close to 360-degree vision. They have both long-sighted and short-sighted visions. Due to long-sightedness, they can see objects at far distances. But they are not able to view the objects in front because of a blind spot on their nose. Bunnies can view colors such as green and blue but are blind to red.

The vision of rabbits is not that sharp as compared to humans. Yet they can see in the dark. The rabbits can see an invader coming from any direction in low light conditions. This is an added advantage of having their eyes on the side.

As stated above, rabbits are not able to see the objects in front of them. But they can locate objects above and behind.

Their eyes are not placed in the front of their face as humans. These are on the sides of their heads. Humans have 180-degree vision with front-facing eyes and can view objects in front of them.

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What are the limitations of a 360degree vision?

Rabbits have great eyesight. But these furry pals cannot see everything even with great eyesight. Their 360-degree vision has major constraints. A blind spot is present at the front of their face at the chin level.

Have you ever thought that why is it difficult for your fluffy teddy to locate the food, treat, or toy in front of his face? They are unable to find it because they cannot see them due to this blind spot.

Rabbits have meticulous hearing and smelling sense. Hence, can find food, treats, or toys, despite not being able to view nearby objects.

How do rabbits deal with their lack of depth perception?

There is no denying the fact that the depth perception of rabbits is not up to the mark. Humans have a high ratio of cones than rods that allowing them to focus on closer objects.

A particular area known as fovea in the human eye has the most number of cones for good depth perception. The rabbits also have a similar area that comprises 30% in front of their faces. 10% of this space comprises the blind spot.

The bunnies have a lesser number of cones than a human eye. To deal with their lack of perception, bunnies use parallax which is a specific technique.

For this, the rabbits bend their heads up and down, thereby looking at the certain object at a distance. If the object is closer, it would appear to move beyond an object that is far away. This allows the bunnies to estimate the object distance.

How many times does a rabbit blink?

Like most animals, rabbits also have a nictating membrane. This third eyelid plays a pivotal role in protecting the eyes from any injuries. Besides this, it also assists in keeping the eyes moist.

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Due to this, rabbits would only blink around 10-12 times in an hour. The nictating membrane tends to come down over the eye when the rabbit gets fearful of something.

Are rabbits able to view colors?

Rabbits have a very limited capacity to see colors. Yet, they can differentiate between colors and do not see anything in black and white. They are not able to see the red color. But these furry pals can very well get hold of colors such as blue, and green.

Are rabbits able to see in the dark?

Rabbits can see very well in the dark as compared to human beings. Being crepuscular, they are most active at sunset and sunrise when there is low light.

Your bunny pal might get a blurred vision of yours when you are close to him. But he can very well recognize you through his exemplary smelling sense.


How are dim lights helpful for rabbits?

Rabbits can view objects in dim lights much better than humans. These furry buddies cannot see the objects clear as the images appear blurred in the low light. Besides, the bunnies have a limited color vision which becomes better in dim light.

They have to rely on other senses of smelling and hearing to distinguish between objects. These bunnies use hearing and smelling senses to recognize and sniff around.

Extreme lighting is a problem for rabbits as compared to low lighting. Dim lighting will make your rabbit more comfortable moving around. This way he will also feel secure from invaders.

Rabbits have more rods in comparison to cones. These rods help the bunnies to see better in dim light situations.

Unlike other animals, rabbits do not have tapetum. Due to this, the night vision of these bunnies is not that strong as compared to other animals. Hence, it is quite evident that the rabbits can see the objects very well during dawn and dusk than the night.

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Are rabbits able to detect and escape dangers?

Rabbits are able to detect any sudden changes or dangers in their environments. When rabbits are able to know that there is danger ahead, they send a signal to others.

They start thumping hind legs, before going into the burrows. They can spot the predators with ease. It enables them to run and safeguard themselves.

This reduces the chances of getting caught. These loving pooches have a good sense of hearing, sighting, and smell. Hence, that makes them intelligent pets.

How to rectify eye problems of your rabbit?

Rabbits are prone to eye infections as they are very sensitive. Is your furry friend experiencing any problem in his eyes? If yes, then consult a vet in this regard and seek his advice.

The vet is in a better position to start the medication to provide quick relief to your rabbit.  

Wrap up

Rabbits are wonderful homely pets. They are adorable and packed with charming personalities. Are you owning a rabbit? Make sure that your delicate furry friend has a suitable place to relax.

Rabbits are of playful and socializing nature. These loving pooches relish both, indoor and outdoor activities.

Is it possible for your furry friend to recognize you with a limited vision capacity? Apart from using their vision, they have good senses of hearing and smell.

These furry pals listen to your voice and sense your smell. These outstanding senses enable them to locate you.

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