How Many Finches Can You Put In A Cage?

Keeping the cute little finches is the dream of every individual. The finches make the environment around the home soothing and joyful. These colorful birds look very pretty and can win hearts with their beautiful voice.

Generally, people keep them in cages and often ask questions about how many finches can we put in a cage? The correct answer to that is it depends upon the size of the cage and the number of finches you are having.

In this blog, we will discuss the same and also suggest some factors that you must consider as a finches’ owner.

How many finches can you put in a cage?

For a comfortable stay, you should keep 2 finches in a large-sized cage. It is not recommended to keep more than 2 finches in the same cage as they tend to create dominance. You should not put 2 finches of different species in the same cage as they might not get along with each other.

Can you place more than one cage of finches in the same room?

No, one should never place more than one cage in the same room. You must ensure to keep the cages of opposite-sex finches far away from each other.

If you are keeping many cages in the same room containing both, male and female finches, then it can create a mess. The finches might fight with their mate if they find the other finch more appealing.

How much space do finches need?

Talking about the space, finches are happy-go-lucky pets and wish to live a happy and healthy life. They are blissful when they are having a good space for them to do their particular activities.

These activities are twisting the wings, cleaning themselves, and making noises. For a comfortable stay, they need around 3-4 sq. ft. space to revolve around and enjoy.

If they are living in space less than the above mentioned they can feel insecure. This insecurity can lead to stress and shedding of excess feathers.

To keep your finches happy put them in an ideal cage that can fulfill their space needs. Also, avoid keeping more finches in a single cage. This can lead to the domination of one another, thus resulting in fights.

Factors you must consider

Keeping the finches in the cage can be a tough task. These birds cannot express pain so it is our responsibility to understand them. We have mentioned some factors that you must consider to keep your finches happy.

Size of the cage is the pivotal factor

The size of the cage plays a very vital role in the life of finches. They are loving birds and need some space to roam around and have some fun.

Hence, you must always consider the size of the cage before putting the finches in it. If you are having more finches, then go for a wider cage.

But, if you are having a single or a couple of finches then go for a small to medium size cage. The comfort of the finches is very important to keep them stress-free and joyful.

Quality of the cage matters!

Along with the ideal size, the quality of the cage also makes a great impact on the finches. If the cage is of low-quality material, then it will get rust.

Other than this, if the wiring or welding is not done in a proper way then they can hurt the finches. So to keep the finches safe make sure the quality of the cage is supreme.

Along with this, ensure that no wires or rods are coming out that can injure the finches.

Putting them back with safety

Another important factor you must consider is putting the finches back into the cage. As when we are putting them back and by mistake, they get hurt then they can be fearful of the cage.

To avoid any mishappening, you can put them one by one if there are many. Also, make sure you are not pushing or throwing them. Put them back with patience, ease, and lots of love.

Food and water supply are essential

Nowadays, there are cages available that have detachable utensils for water and food. If you are having a big cage, then it is important to have three to four water and food utensils.

The reason being, all the finches would not be able to eat or drink at the same time. It is very important to have stainless steel utensils for feeding them to avoid rust.

Also, they should be clean as dirty utensils can cause health ailments. If you have a big cage, then place the utensils at a height which can make the finches do a little exercise.

Serve them the food which keeps them energetic. Besides, avoid or decrease the quality of fat in their diet.

Easy cleaning for good hygiene is a must

It is very important to keep the cage clean to maintain good hygiene. It is also related to the sound health of finches. These days, there are cages available with a tray which is easy to remove.

You should clean that tray to remove extra food and waste residues at least twice or thrice a day.

Once a week, you can clean the tray with bleach water to maintain hygiene and kill any kind of bacteria present in it. After rinsing the tray with water, let it dry under direct sunlight.

Then put the finches back with utmost care. If you are sticking to a routine of constant cleaning of the cage, then it helps in keeping the diseases away.

Wrap Up

So by now, all the finch lovers have got the answers to their questions. These little creatures are very blissful and make the surrounding beautiful.

All you need to do is to take proper care of them. The first and very important step is to give them the space they need. Keep them in a premium quality cage that can make them happy.

Also, consider the above-mentioned factors to keep them safe and healthy. These will help you in giving the best possible care to your beloved finches.

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