Do Cockatiels Miss Their Owners?

Cute and beautiful cockatiels are the best companions if you are looking for a pet. These parrots have a very beautiful body-structure with feathers on the head like a crown.

Cockatiels are very emotional and soft-hearted creatures. Also, they love the company of other cockatiels as well as humans. And they often get depressed or feel separated if left all alone.

With such a busy schedule it could be hard for you to keep the cockatiels. But every problem has a solution and this problem too have.

In this blog, we will discuss the nature of the cockatiels and what happens when they are alone. Also, we will discuss how you can keep them entertained even if you are not around.

Do cockatiels miss their owners?

When cockatiels develop a bond with their owners, it is obvious that they will miss their owners. They often become aggressive in some cases if they are alone at home or their owners get changed. They even get used to your whistles and treats that you offer. Hence, it is evident from many instances that cockatiels miss their owners’ presence.

What happens when they are alone?

If you are a working professional and out of the home most of the time, then your cockatiel will feel loneliness. This will result in aggressive behavior.

Cockatiels are affable birds and do not like to stay alone for long. These adorable birdies tend to scream when they are alone to seek the attention of their owners.

Though Cockatiels can live without a companion; they will need your company.

Also, you should place the cage of your bird where he can witness the human traffic. This would keep your Cockatiel engaged in your absence.

This breed of bird longs for affection. Due to this, they can even become hopeless or gloomy if their owners neglect them.

Do Cockatiels like to interact with other family members also?

This parrot breed can identify their caretakers and are reactive to their voices. If the family members take care of the Cockatiel in your absence, then the bird would interact with them.

Besides, they are gentle with the kids also. The Cockatiels can learn to talk and whistle along with comical tricks. Due to this, they relish interacting with the people around them.

4 Things to consider

As a cockatiel parent, it is very important to keep them entertained when you are not around them. Below mentioned ways can help you out in doing this. 

1. TV/Radio

TV or radios can be one very easy hack to keep your cockatiels busy and accompanied for a certain time. If you have to leave your house, then you can turn the TV on while leaving.

They will get entertained by seeing various characters on it. This will not only keep them indulged in something or the other but also busy and happy.

If TV is not possible, then you can turn the radio on. Radio is a very common electronic device that is present everywhere.

Through the radio, they can hear several sounds and it will distract them. Also in this way, they will stay away from stress and overthinking.

2. Toys

If you are having a standard size cage, then you can keep toys in them. By keeping toys in their cage, they can play with them whenever they are missing their owners.

Get them the toys that are non-chewable or strong. The reason behind this is they can break the toys by hitting them again and again with their beak.

Do not leave them with very big toys. These can cover the entire space of their cage and the cockatiels will have a little area.

3. Friend for your pet

As cockatiels are very happy and youthful birds, they can get stressed if left alone.

So as an owner, you have to be proactive and think of a way that will keep them busy and distracted when no one is at home. The best way to solve this issue is to get them a pair or companion.

Taking care of cockatiel’s mental health is very important. They can get stressed which causes a great impact on their life.

It can turn into a loss of appetite, their feathers start falling, they become aggressive, and a lot more.

So get them a partner so they can stay motivated along with each other when you are not at home.

4. Soothing environment

Always keep your cockatiels in a very soothing and happy environment. Avoid fighting in front of them or any negative activities.

When you are leaving, always take care of the extra feeding. Along with this, keep them in an open area where they are not feeling hot. Avoid closing the curtains when they are alone.

You can place their cage near a window or balcony so that they can enjoy the outside scenery. Keeping in a closed, less ventilated environment can make them sad and stressed. This has a direct impact on their health.

What should you avoid while leaving them alone?

If you are leaving your home for work, then you must keep a few things in mind. Consider the below-mentioned points to keep your cockatiels safe and sound.

  • If the cockatiels live in a cage, make sure the door of the cage is close. If it remains open, then the cockatiels can come out.
  • Never offer food and water when you are not around. Instead of this feed them before leaving.
  • Make sure the doors of the home are close. The reason behind this is when the door is open cat or dog can come and frighten the cockatiels.

Wrap Up

So as we discussed, cockatiels do miss their owners when they are alone at the home. Also, they are very attached to their owners and can feel their presence.

We have also discussed the ways through which you can keep them entertained when you are not around. So you can follow these ways and keep your cockatiels happy and healthy.

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