Parrots Eat Bananas

Can Parrots Eat Bananas? [Feeding Guide!]

Parrots are fond of different fruits and vegetables, including their seeds. It is essential to provide them with a variety in their meal. It encourages them to eat and also increases their nutritional value.

They also are fond of sharing their food with their companions. Thus, whenever you are eating your meals, your parrot will also have the urge to eat your food.

One such commonly found fruit in every household is the banana. They are readily available, cheap, and nutritional as well. 

Can parrots eat bananas?

Bananas are safe for parrots to consume. They have quite a few health benefits. But excess quantity may have adverse effects on its health. Apart from the fruit, other recipes of bananas may have certain side effects if cooked. But the fruit in its natural form serves better. 

Bananas for parrots: Nutritional value and health benefits

Bananas are quite popular among humans. A huge population prefers including them for breakfast. Apart from vitamins, they are also enriched with potassium, magnesium, pectin, etc. Let us discuss in detail the benefits of each of them on a parrot. 


Fruits containing vitamins help sustain life in a better way as living beings produce very little of it. There are different types of vitamins that a living body requires. Some of them are also available in a banana. They are as follows:

  • Vitamin A: Consumption of vitamin A through bananas helps in the development of vision. It also strengthens the immune system as well as promotes reproduction. Thus, having a banana regularly from a tender age will be fruitful while attaining maturity.
  • Vitamin B complex: Along with easy digestion, bananas also get readily absorbed by a parrot. Hence, enhancing the development of the digestive system. As a result, it promotes the secretion of waste materials in the form of stool. 
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For enhancing the development of bones and beaks in a parrot, magnesium is vital during body development. Bananas contain magnesium, which also helps in facilitating their nervous system. Hence, there is better coordination of feathers and muscles, especially during flight. It also promotes a healthy and sound cardiac system. 

Bananas for parrots: Nutritional value and health benefits


For optimal production of blood in the human body, doctors prescribe natural iron-rich food. Likewise, for enhancing the required production of hemoglobin in parrots, iron is essential. Among other natural ingredients, a balanced diet with bananas helps in increasing iron content in the body. 

These are the primary and essential nutrients that a banana contains. Apart from it, bananas also consist of carbohydrates, fiber, and potassium. Lack of these essential nutrients often causes ill-health and deficiency-related diseases. Parrots tend to catch infections readily and also are unable to fly due to weak feathers. Since a banana does not contain fat and cholesterol, there are very minimal chances that it will increase a parrot’s weight. 

The outer covering or the peel of a banana

Although the banana peel is not harmful to parrots, the chemicals in it are. For increasing the production of bananas, people use pesticides and herbicides. They assist in reducing the growth of weeds and diseases. These chemicals stick to the outer skin of the bananas. Even after proper washing, some particles tend to retain back. Since they are harmful to living beings, it is better for parrots to avoid. 

  • Even a minute quantity of these chemicals or coloring agents may have adverse effects on the general functioning of the body. 
  • If you notice your parrot is fond of the peel, try some alternatives. Organic bananas are free from the use of pesticides. 
  • They grow in natural conditions, and natural mulch in its production helps in keeping weeds away. It also helps in reducing the chances of an attack from disease-causing organisms.
  • Organic bananas are safe to consume along with its peel. Since the yellow color of banana peel is attractive, parrots are quite fond of it. 
  • Moreover, it also has certain phytonutrients, which complement the other nutritional benefits of the inner fruit. 
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Banana-based recipes

Since parrots prefer human companionship, they also like sharing food. Recipes with bananas may suit human beings but not parrots. It is better to avoid cooked or fried bananas for parrots because:

  • Deep-fried foods will contain an excess quantity of oil
  • Excess sugar is not suitable and maybe the primary reason for blood sugar and weak feathers
  • Cooked foods will affect their delicate digestive system
  • Body functioning may hamper due to an imbalance in nerve impulses
  • A diet similar to humans may cause obesity
  • Fried or baked bananas reduces nutritional value for birds
  • Additives and preservatives in banana cakes and bread are harmful to parrots

Tips and tricks to encourage eating bananas

Although banana-bread recipes are not recommendable for parrots, you can try some alternatives. These can serve as treats and be an additional item with their regular diet. 

  • Instead of feeding deep-fried banana chips, try the ones that are naturally dried. 
  • Prefer home-baked fresh cakes and bread over the ones purchased from stores.
  • Add wide ranges of nuts, seeds, berries, etc., along with raw banana.
  • Include other fruits along with bananas to avoid boredom
  • Plantains are more nutritious than regular bananas and can be an alternative. 

While concluding, we believe that as pet patents, your doubt about feeding bananas are clear. Ensure to wash the fruit thoroughly before providing it to your parrot.

A single banana of regular size is enough for a day. Excess quantity may upset its stomach. However, make sure that bananas are just a part of the entire meal and not a staple. It should not be the main ingredient of the meal. 

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A balanced diet with various fruits, vegetables, and seeds and enough water for the entire day is essential. Banana chips and bread can serve as treats once in a while for good behavior or retrieve after accidental escaping.

Bananas are, however, nutritional and beneficial in a parrot’s diet. It is safe to consume while eating with other fruits. Keeping a close watch on their diet will help your parrot lead a healthy lifestyle.

Maintenance and attention are what they seek from their owners. While adopting a parrot, make sure you are capable of providing its basic necessities. 

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