Why Dogs Eat Poop And How To Stop Them?

Raising a dog is not easy. There are numerous factors that you must keep in mind, especially when they are puppies. You need to vaccinate them, talk them for a walk daily, and keep an eye on their diet.

Moreover, you need to teach them some manners in the long run. Irrespective of your efforts, there are instances where they develop bad habits. These habits affect their health by a huge margin. Some of these habits may even make you ill.

One of these bad habits among dogs is eating poop. It has been observed that more than 10% of domestic dogs have the habit of eating poop. This habit usually leads to sickness in the dog.

Moreover, it can even infect you with harmful bacteria. So, why do dogs eat poop? There is no exact reason behind this. Even scientists are still trying to find the main reason behind it.

However, there are some common reasons behind this habit, like malnutrition, indigestion, worms, fear, stress, and anxiety. Do not worry. In this blog, we have discussed the main reason behind it and also have shared the best solutions to stop them.

Why do they eat poop?

Lack of nutrition

It is most likely that the dog will eat the poop if it is not getting proper nutrition from the food.  There are even chances that the food you are providing is not enough for its appetite. This is a common reason behind eating poop, as they try to fill the void by doing so. Dogs usually eat the waste of other animals. However, if they are eating their water, then the situation is extremely serious.

Another reason behind this is the indigestion of the food. Maybe you are giving proper diet to the dog, but the nutritions are not reaching its body. This usually happens due to worms in the stomach. These worms consume the majority of the nutrition of the diet. Thus, the appetite of the dog remains empty. There are even chances that your dog is foody. Maybe the dog likes to eat a lot. There are chances that eating is a part of its personality.

Stress, fear, and anxiety

In the majority of the dogs, this is the main reason behind the development of the bad habit. Mostly, dogs eat poop due to fear. You may wonder fear of what? Well, the dog fears you. For this, you have to think about whether you have scolded your dog or not. On what? On pooping in the wrong place. It has been observed that if you scold your dog for pooping in the wrong place, then they get scared of you.

Yes, we know that you want to train them to poop in the right place. However, for that, you will have to follow the giving treat method. Dogs try to remove the evidence by eating it, so that, they can save themselves from the scolding. This even increases the level of stress and anxiety in the dog.

Lack of attention

Dogs love to play and have attention on them. If you have left your dog unattended for days, then it is likely that they will start eating poop. They do this, as they want to try something new that could bring your attention to them. Have not they successfully gained your attention now?

Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop: and how to STOP it!

How to stop them from eating poop?

Here are the most effective methods to stop your dog from eating the poop.

Go to a vet

As mentioned earlier, worms are most likely the reason behind the bad habit. Therefore, you need to take the dog to a vet. Explain the situation, this will help the doctor understand the real reason. If it is due to worms, then the doctor will prescribe proper medication, which will solve the issue. However, if it is not due to worms, at least you can now focus on other reasons.

Change the diet

Maybe the dog is eating the poop due to an improper diet. Therefore, you need to change the existing diet of the dog. Make sure you increase it rather than decreasing. You have to choose a diet that offers more nutrition, minerals, and vitamins than the previous one. You can even give supplements to the dog. However, we would suggest you stick with a better natural diet. You can even talk to a vet to design a perfect meal for the dog. 

Change your method

If you scold your dog on committing a mistake, then you need to stop right there. Change your method of training the dog. You can even observe professional trainers or summon one of them. The main idea is to remove fear from the dog.

Train them

The next solution is to train the dog to not eat poop. Maybe it is just the personality of the dog, that is leading to this bad habit. You need to train the dog to not so. Try to remove the waste as soon as possible. Moreover, whenever the dog tries to eat the poop, change its focus towards you. You can even give a small treat to the dog for changing its focus.

Spend time with your dog

Maybe it is all because you are not giving proper attention to the dog. Try to take the dog out for a walk daily, for a few months. You can even play some games with them. This will most likely remove the bad habit of eating poop.

Wrap up

In this blog, we have discussed the main reasons why dogs eat poop. We have also discussed the most effective solutions for it. These solutions were chosen based on our experience and knowledge. By following these solutions, you will be able to remove the bad habit of your dog. Just make sure that you remain patient with the dog after the habit has been overcome.

However, there are still very few chances that the dog will eat the poop. In that case, feel free to talk to a vet. Moreover, the bad habit will not go away in a few days. It will likely take at least a few weeks.

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